Diamond Walraven Pipe Support Systems Lebanon

1-Metal Pipe Clamps

BIS Metal
Pipe Clamps

BIS Metal Pipe Clamps with Lining

BIS Metal Pipe
Clamps with Lining

BIS RapidStrut® Fixing System

BIS RapidStrut
Fixing System

Heavy Duty Channels

Heavy duty

Anti Vibration


mech and chemical anchor

Chemical and
Mechanical Anchors

clamps insulated pipes

BIS Clamps for
Insulated Pipes

BIS Fastenings


BIS Fixing accesories

BIS Fixing

fixing points

BIS Fixing


BIS Pipe

BIS Rooftop & Solar Fixings

BIS Rooftop
Solar Fixings

Diamond Walraven Pipe Support Systems Lebanon

Techno Builders Group is dedicated to provide Diamond Pipe Supports, a division of Hira Industries that manufactures Pipe Support Systems is now called Diamond Walraven as both companies join hands to serve the gulf region with their huge line of pipe support products. Product Selection range for the following categories:

BIS Metal Pipe Clamps – BIS Metal Pipe Clamps with Lining – BIS RapidStrut Fixing System – Heavy duty Channels – Anti Vibration – Chemical and Mechanical Anchors – BIS Clamps for Insulated Pipes -BIS Fastenings – BIS Fixing Accessories – BIS Fixing Points – BIS Pipe Connector – BIS Rooftop Solar Fixings

Hira Walraven is a joint venture company between Hira Industries, a renowned construction material manufacturing company and the Walraven Group based in the Netherlands, one of the oldest piping system manufacturing company located in Mijdrecht.

Hira Industries, since its inception in 1980 have been serving UAE and Gulf region as the one of the best construction and building material manufacturing company, with 3 decades of experience in the building and construction industry, the company has been ranked in the top 10 SME’s in UAE with offices in Australia, India, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka and UAE.

The Walraven Group originated from the Metal work company J. van Walraven B.V., a family business which was established in 1942 in Mijdrecht (NL). Today Walraven has its own production and sales companies in 10 European countries, the United States of America and from 2012 also in China. In the Walraven Group over 750 enthusiastic employees are active with the development, production and sales of our innovative products.